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Swarovski's Valentine's Day Collection

Eros Bangle
Eros Bangle - A little red heart in Siam crystal on one side, and red enamel on the other, dangles off this rhodium-plated bangle. The bangle shimmers with red Siam crystals set in pavé. The dazzling bangle comes in two sizes.

Size: Ø 2 7/16 inch | Price: $ 140.00

Eros Pierced Earrings
Eros Pierced Earrings - Rhodium-plated heart pierced earrings in Siam crystals set in the Pointiage technique.

Size: 3/8 inch | Price: $ 80.00

2/14/2009 - Valentine's Day is synonymous with a host of symbols. This year, for the first time ever, Swarovski is dedicating a playful collection to lovers around the world, reinterpreting its famous characters "Elvis" and "Erika", while unveiling the heart-filled "Eros" line.

The "Elvis" & "Erika" Love Story

Who doesn't know the story of Swarovski's little characters, "Elvis" and "Erika"?

Created in Spring/Summer 2008 for the "Avenues of Light" collection, "Elvis" and "Erika" first appeared in jet and clear crystal outfits applied using Swarovski's Pointiage technique. Both pieces proved an instant hit, and "Elvis" returned in Autumn/Winter 2008/2009, dressed in Crystal Metallic Blue (inspired by the "Passages of Night" theme).

For "Super Nature" Spring/Summer 2009, "Erika" and "Elvis" were reunited once more, this time appearing in green crystal holding a Padparadscha enamel flower and a branch respectively above their crystal Pointiage heads.

To celebrate Valentine's Day 2009, their mischievous, smiling faces can now be found framed in enamel hearts. "Elvis" appears in a black heart, which also incorporates a Siam crystal and rhodium-plated arrow, while "Erika" sits in a Padparadscha enamel heart. Both reversible faces boast a pavé clear crystal design.

Valentine's Pendants The "Love and Romance" Collection
Even more symbolic and just as romantic, this collection is dedicated to the eternal symbol of love and is the perfect expression of emotion. In addition to the classic "Heart" pendant in Bordeaux crystal this year's collection features the "Ties of Love" pendant with a Light Siam Chrome heart attached to a rhodium-plated chain.

The "Eros" collection showcases scarlet hearts on a pendant, bangle and earrings, each featuring Pointiage Siam crystals. A further highlight is the double rhodium-plated ring with two set Siam crystal hearts.

As endearing as ever, the "A Heart for You" Kris Bear is made entirely of clear faceted crystal, and presents his Light Siam crystal heart as the ultimate declaration of love.

Highlighting the bond, tenderness, and eternal love that exists between every couple, Swarovski's Valentine's Day collection is the perfect way to celebrate a special day that is rich in symbolism, poetry, humour and affection.

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