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VAX Laptop Cases

In Barcelona the first collection of VAX Laptop Cases has been born, for the entire world to enjoy.

This collection is the answer to many customers who are demanding a change in design and ways of transporting their laptops. The cases were designed by a young, multidisciplinary team and manufactured making use of the best materials and applying exhaustive production controls, meeting all international quality and safety requirements.

The VAX Laptop Cases Collections are designed in ten different models for various needs of use. The VAX Laptop Cases hit our hearts with their unique designs, bold colors and stylish forms and we couldn't decide which ones to display here, so we picked one bag from each collection.

The VAX Laptop Cases are definitely designed to impress anyone’s heart!
Click on the thumbnails to see the VAX Laptop Collections.


Designed for people who want to have maximum protection for their notebook. The inside compartments are designed for easy access to accessories like mobile phones, PDA, Ipod, USB sticks, documents, keys...

Measures: 358 x 418 x 83,50


Designed for practical use, for notebook and documents, occupying the minimum of space.

Measures: 303 x 395 x 53,50


3 different ways of carrying the bandoleer bag:
horizontal, vertical and as backpack with Crossing Back System. Two independent compartments and one external side bag for quick access to documents or accessories.

327 x 448 x 107,50


VAX' vision of the traditional backpack two independent compartments and an external side bag for quick access to your accessories.

Measures: 447 x 326 x 104,50


3 different ways of carrying the bandoleer bag: horizontal, vertical and as backpack with Crossing Back System. The inside bags are designed for easy use of carrying your notebook and PDA, Ipod, keys, and other accessories.

Measures: 423 x 365 x 130


Two independent spaces with an external side bag for quick access to accessories with a discrete touch of color.

Measures: 417 x 330 x 123


The traditional Bandoleer concept. Includes a practical internal bag which can be easily removed.

Measures: 327 x 398 x 100


VAX revolutionizes the concept of Lap Top case with it's model Sants. Easy access to the interior thanks to the unique design.

Measures: 310 x 386 x 104 - 1311 x 386 x 52


A classic, stylish re-designed case for the innovative and modern user.

Measures: 295 x 385 x 126


Our daily needs are varying. Therefore VAX offers this modular solution with a innovative design that permits you to configure your own bag for each occasion.

Measures: 390 x 306 x 142

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