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Andreas Eberharter Creates Authentic Jewelry for Real Individualists

Andreas Eberharter Creates Authentic Jewelry for Real Individualists

Born in Tirol/Austria in 1971, Andreas Eberharter has learnt the profession of gold-smith and sculptor.

Andreas Eberharter Creates Authentic Jewelry for Real Individualists

Andreas Eberharter (Photo © Maria Jezel)

Andreas Eberharter Creates Authentic Jewelry for Real Individualists

Photo © Elfie Semotan

He worked as a freelance artist in Vienna and assisted the artists Anna Heindl, Manfred Wakolbinger and Eva Schlegel.

Andreas Eberharter Creates Authentic Jewelry for Real Individualists
Photo © Elfie Semotan

His first exhibition took place in 1992. After numerous national and international exhibitions on his own and with colleagues he founded the label AND_I in 2001. The collections are being presented internationally, amongst others in Tokyo, Sao Paolo and in New York. With his own collection of jewelry, self-designed accessories and wedding dresses, he arranged the opening event of the world largest wedding-fair of Asia in Bangkok in 2005.Still to come this year is a new collection of jewelry, which is going to be presented in New York and will be sold internationally in well known fashion stores.

The jewelry is refined, clear, timeless, reduced and wearable. The pieces are "everyday jewelry", with a unique design character that also makes them perfect for special occasions. The collection consists largely of anodized aluminum specimens which can be grouped into two main themes: arm jewelry and necklaces.

The anodizing process is immensely important, helping to divide a large part of the collection into three colors: natural aluminum, gold and ice blue. These three colors also dominate among the "non-alu pieces" (e.g. acrylic glass) through the use of Swarovski crystals and pearls or the finest Nappa leather. The only additional color - pink - is applied in a discreet fashion so as to gently round off and extend the color spectrum. Some pieces of cubic zirconium (synthetic diamonds) - cut according to jeweler standards - are used to accentuate the quality of the products. Andreas Eberharter's approach to jewelry is a sculptural one. He searches a free accession to molding and new materials. The pieces of jewelry are large, eye-catching, strong and clear in design. Therefore, hard and cold materials like aluminum, synthetics, Swarovski crystals or Cubic zirconium are used. Eberharter likes to work with precious metal, valuable stones or pearls.

Designs without compromise - besides the shape, the haptics are essential for Andreas Eberharter. "Jewelry should not just beautify and underline certain parts of the body, it should also feel nice." He describes it as unconventional: "You could compare it with your favorite pair of jeans. When you put them on you immediately feel comfortable. The same effect should happen to the wearer of my jewelry."

Andreas finds inspiration in anything. Ideas appear spontaneously. The process of working itself opens new approaches. "My pieces are always hand-crafted because the best ideas occur during the processing. The individual production steps intertwine. It is not the case that I first draft and then implement it obstinately. I also try to avoid studying jewelry of other artists. Unconsciously you always get influenced. One should be genuine and develop his/her own style."
Andreas Eberharter Creates Authentic Jewelry for Real Individualists Andreas Eberharter Creates Authentic Jewelry for Real Individualists Andreas Eberharter Creates Authentic Jewelry for Real Individualists

Click images to see more of Andreas Eberharter's jewelry

Andreas Eberharter has found it. His jewellery possesses an idiosyncratic congeniality. And so do those who wear it. They are self-confident, strong personalities who appreciate individuality and who are down to earth.

PEOPLE'S REVOLUTION, N.Y., L.A., Paris. Andreas Eberharter prefers the catwalk for presentations. He likes seeing his jewels in movement, worn by models, accompanied by sound and guided by a special choreography. Many of his "items" ,as he calls them, are made specially for the catwalk: "Round about 20 Percent of my products are bare showpieces - not necessarily portable in every day life."What does Andreas Eberharters work place look like? "Like 100 years ago - the technique is very traditional. A stone always gets framed, metal always forged. For my large pieces I have to use additionally engineering machinery that is the only difference to a classic goldsmith" he explains. Here, at the genesis of his artful "items", the designer, producer and entrepreneur merge as well to one "item"...

For more information: visit Andreas Eberharter's website at





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